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How to Pack Linen Clothes

For summer and warm weather destination travel, nothing beats lightweight, breathable linen clothes for comfort. Linen clothing is just the ticket for remaining cool, comfortable and looking your best, wherever your travels take you. And it won’t add much weight or bulk to your suitcase, though it requires some care in packing. Here are ways to pack linen to keep creases to a minimum.

Packing to Prevent Wrinkles

  • An obvious solution is to hang linen garments in a garment bag, if possible. If you’re travelling by car or rail, this shouldn’t be too difficult, assuming there’s room.

  • In general, try to fit the garments in your case with a minimum of folding.

  • Pack individual linen garments in plastic (dry cleaner bags or other large plastic bags, for example). This will help stop them pressing against other clothing, which is what causes wrinkling in transit.

  • Insert tissue paper within folds of the garments and in between layers of other garments–again to reduce friction and the resulting wrinkles.

  • Pack clothing in a hard-sided suitcase. Hard cases retain their shape and protect garments from external, wrinkle-causing pressure.

  • Don’t over-fill your suitcase. Creases are more likely to set under pressure in a jam-packed case.

  • Pack your linen clothing on the top layer in your case, relegating heavier items to the bottom. However, if you’re flying and checking your bag, pack the linen garments in the middle for protection, as there is a good likelihood the bag will get flipped over in transit.

  • Lined linen garments should be turned inside out and then folded. Similar to wrapping garments in plastic, having the smooth lining on the outside will reduce friction, thus minimising wrinkling.

Upon Arrival at your Destination

  • Unpack your linen garment immediately and hang it up. It if does sustain wrinkles you can hang it in the bathroom and turn on a hot shower, creating steam. Leave the garment in the steamy bathroom for several minutes and shake the garment out or pull it taut. The steam will eliminate the wrinkles.

  • Another option is lightly spray/splash the garment with water and blow it dry, whilst pulling on the edges; the heat will release the wrinkles similar to steam.

  • If water is scarce or steam isn’t an option, you can bring along some wrinkle-release spray which also works to reduce wrinkles.

  • Obviously, you can iron the garment as a last resort (but, who really wants to spend their holiday ironing?).

It is true that linen clothing requires a bit more attention and care than clothing made of other fabrics, particularly when packing for a trip. However, there’s a reason linen has endured through the ages, as the ubiquitous summer clothing fabric among those who inhabit warmer climes. Synthetic fabric apparel may look fresh, it’s not nearly as comfortable nor as elegant looking—wrinkles and all—as natural, airy linen.

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