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Timeless linen clothes. Are you ready for a summer?

With the days getting longer, warmer and brighter, it’s time to think about our spring/ summer wardrobe. Whilst we try to keep our clothes going for as long as possible, and avoid fast fashion fads, there are inevitable times when only new clothes will do.

Luckily, linen clothing is always in fashion, which means investing in a great linen piece now will give you excellent cost-per-wear value as it will stay looking beautiful for years. Despite changes in shapes, cuts, lengths and colors, linen fabric itself is always popular. Opting for classic styles in this timeless fabric means you can future-proof your wardrobe, as well as feeling ready for the new season.

Linen clothes are beloved because they are so comfortable. They especially come into their own during the warmer months when as linen allows you to go about your day without worrying about sweating or dampening your clothes. Breathable, comfortable clothes are a must during summer and linen fabric effectively absorbs perspiration, wicking away moisture from your body as well as regulating your temperature. Linen pants, linen shirts and linen dresses are highly popular because of this airy feeling they provide.

Linen clothing is easy to care for. Garments can be machine washed and tumble dried, and creases are part of the natural charm of linen fabric. But more information for how to care about linen clothes you can find in blog How To Iron Linen Clothes. Can You Steam Linen?

PS: New collection is coming soon!

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