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My name is Kristina, I am a Slovak girl living in Ireland and building my own brand. I have studied fashion my whole life and I absolutely love fashion. So I have created my own slow fashion brand with handmade and sustainable products. As we all know fashion is also dangerous to us and our planet so I decided to do fashion ONLY with sustainable materials. All the products are made to order, so there is no extra waste or full warehouse of clothes. I am creating products slowly one by one, instead of full collection in one time. I believe in slow fashion and timeless clothes. Amalka products are elegant and suitable for everyday wear or special occasions (everyday wear, work, parties, birthdays and weddings).

Clothes are handmade with love and your product is completely unique specially made for YOU.  If you are not familiar with linen or Eco-Tex cotton and would like to know more go to BLOG page and find everything about sustainable material, how to take care of linen clothes, how to match and wear with linen, how to clean stains, how to iron linen clothes, etc. I really believe this blog will help you in every way.  

Amalka is my dream come true brand, my passion, my work.

So thank you for all your support.

Thank you!

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