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How To Iron Linen Clothes. Can You Steam Linen?

Did you ever wonder how to iron linen clothing correctly and avoid damaging the fabric?

Or you choose to not buy linen clothes, just because you don’t know how to iron it?

Linen is one of the highest quality natural materials that is made of very strong natural flax fibers. In addition to its amazing benefits, this fabric also tends to crease very quickly. As linen fabric is very sturdy, sometimes it can get really challenging to iron the wrinkles from it completely.

A steamer is a great tool that can remove creases from various fabrics and materials in no time. The steamer is considered a safer option when it comes to removing wrinkles, especially from delicate fabrics. However, a steamer works differently on different materials - for some of them, it requires more effort, for others - way less. That usually depends on what fibers the materials are made of. For example, fabrics that are made of natural fibers (linen, wool, silk) require more gentle care and specific knowledge in order to make them wrinkle-free without damaging them.

Linen dries very fast and wrinkles easily. In order to remove wrinkles from linen clothes, it is important to soften the fabric first and for that hot steam is required.

Tools for Ironing Linen Fabric

· Spraying bottle with clean water.

· An iron that would have high-pressure steam.

· Ironing board that is an appropriate size, stands securely and doesn't wobble.

· Towel or cloth to put in between the linen cloth and hot iron (that prevents linen fabric from getting damaged and shiny).

Tips for Ironing Linen Clothes

· If the wrinkled linen garment is completely dry - always dampen it with a spray bottle of clean water. Make sure you don't miss the collars of shirts, pockets of the pants, and other hidden places.

· Make sure your iron is set on the high heat (or simply linen setting).

· Always check if the faceplate of the iron is clean. Fill out the iron with water.

· It is always recommended to start ironing inside out of the fabric, especially if a garment

is steamed for the first time.

· Do not press the iron on a garment too much. Pressing hot iron or leaving it in one place for too long might damage the fabric irreparably. Also I recommend to use a pressing cloth while ironing the linen clothes to avoid any disasters or shiny surfaces, especially when you ironing linen for a first time.

· Never wear or fold just steamed linen clothes - let them dry up completely first. Otherwise, the creases and wrinkles will return instantly.

Ironing linen clothes might seem difficult but it's actually pretty straightforward. Of course, only if you know the essential tips on how to do so. All you need to have is a generous amount of hot steam, and clean fresh water. This will help you get rid of the wrinkles quickly and easily!

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