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How to style linen pants for work

Trying to figure out how to style linen pants for work? We’ve got you covered. Autumn is slowly coming and you’re thinking to leave linen clothes on the side for the next year. I’ve got few ideas for you, how to wear linen trousers for work even in little bit colder weather.

Thankfully once you've learnt how to style linen pants for work, styling for your 9 to 5 during the summer, autumn or spring would be a breeze. Linen and work may seem like chalk and cheese - with linen most commonly associated with summer holidays abroad and typical workwear being more formal - but there are definitely ways to incorporate this gorgeous material into your go-to workwear wardrobe.


In line with this season's fashion trends, linen pants come in all leg shapes. While wide-leg iterations will look elegant and can be paired with everything from loafers and boots to high heels, straight leg linen pants offer a more tailored finish and the same versatility as your best straight leg-jeans. Generally all linen pants can be styled for work and adding your best blazers will help to ensure the end result feels office-appropriate.

Styling linen shirt and linen pants is another ultra-relaxed look that needs minimal effort. When it comes to how to style linen pants for work, a cool cotton shirt is another warm-weather staple with a breezy aesthetic that will work well with your linen pants. If you’re wondering how to style oversized shirts, try a half tuck - tucking in the front only to give your frame definition whilst still looking relaxed, perfect for summers in the office.

Let’s not forget about the knit tops and wool sweaters. I personally love the combination of wool and linen I think that is the best combination of 2 fabrics. Knit top and linen pants will bring you elegant but also comfortable look, if you need to be more formal take a blazer or more fancy sweater with some applications, that will bring more office look.


With serious leg-lengthening powers, wide-leg pants are one of the most flattering silhouettes you can invest in. Throw in linen fabric to the mix and you’ve got that cool and carefree aesthetic nailed. For what to wear with wide leg pants, it’s all about balance. You want to offset the voluminous bottom half with something more fitted on top so the fabric doesn’t overwhelm your frame. A simple tank, or fitted top tucked in will highlight your waist, and finish with a cropped blazer for further definition and added polish. For an even leaner and longer look, try adding some heels, although when it comes to shoes to wear with wide leg pants, there are heaps to choose from. Cropped pants will show off your shoes and are a smart choice for petite frames.

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