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° Made from lightweight 100% linen (flax) of the European manufactures, linen clothing can also have on some places little linen bolks.
° Fully organic and natural product

Linen is a natural and easily biodegradable fabric which brings a practical, everyday luxury to the design. Linen is also recyclable and biodegradable, meaning you won't be adding to the growing piles of textile waste all over the world.


Functional little accessory to spice up the outfit. How you will wear it depends on your imagination. Tied in a knot around the neck, around your head, as a headband, you name it. Available in blue, red, and yellow gingham. If you have gingham loving friend, it could be a great wee gift as well


Length – 60x60cm 

We want to live life lightly, keeping our impact on the planet low without sacrificing aesthetics.

With all respect for nature, all the products you will find in the shop are created with great passion, quality, sustainability and in an earth-friendly way. We also apply „zero waste’’ principles inside AMALKA and our packaging is as Eco-friendly as possible. It could be easily recycled or used multiple times.

Linen Bandana, Linen scarf

  • Do not bleach. Wash with like colours.
    Machine wash 30°, delicate cycle or hand-wash. Do not tumble dry.
    Before sewing clothes, we always wash and steam linen (flax) several times to avoid shrinkage and show real texture of linen (flax) fabric.

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