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What kind of top to wear with linen pants

It’s always a great time to enjoy the comfort of linen, whether it’s spring, summer, fall, or even winter. In this blog post, I will show you how to make a simple outfit with linen trousers, whenever you have wide leg linen trousers or fitted linen trousers.

Mostly people think that linen is only for summer season, which I understand but you can also wear linen during the winter as well. So how to match linen trousers? What to wear? 1. WOOL AND LINEN

I simply love the combination of wool sweater and linen pants, if you feel that it’s freezing outside you can add thighs underneath. I can guarantee you that you will look elegant, simple and cozy.


Another fabric that is perfect for linen trousers is cotton. If you can prioritize eco-tex cotton that would be wonderful but also any cotton will do. Maybe you’re asking why eco-tex, what is the difference? Well eco-tex certificate cotton grows on farm without pesticides. Yes, cotton farms are using pesticides for growing cotton quicker and easier, the reason why is it not so healthy is that even they wash cotton pesticides still stays in a thread-fabrics-products. So getting back to outfit you can wear cotton T-shirt or cotton blouse with linen trousers of your choice.

Also I would like to introduce you our new cotton blouse with long sleeves MILA

After a long time I have decided to bring new fabrics into amalka so this blouse is a beginning of new chapter of amalka. Don’t worry amalka is staying sustainable, simple and elegant. And also of course all the products are handmade in Ireland.


Another great fabric to match linen pants is of course linen. You can easily make outfit just from linen. I love that elegance that linen gives. Here in amalka we are doing the best for products to look rich. When you match blouse and trousers together that will give you nice and elegant rich look for sure.


And the last fabric I recommend to wear with linen pants is silk. Simple light silk top with wide linen pants will do miracles. With that look you can just add heels and little hand bag and you are ready to go out!

I hope you liked this post and you can let me know how you are styling your lien outfits.

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