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How sustainable is amalka?

Yes, home page tells you that products are handmade and sustainable but how much?

What is really behind the brand.

So let me tell you more.

Amalka sources linen materials exclusively from eco-friendly, cruelty-free suppliers in Central Europe. Our decision to make fashion sustainably and in an environmentally friendly way was based on the fact that linen is the most sustainable fabric on the planet. Since we are completely dedicated to the thoughtful creation and making process, we do not use any programmed machines or other non-human help and instead use as much human input as we can throughout the whole process to ensure that you receive a truly handcrafted item.

Therefore, we hope that our slow making process will also motivate our customers to find satisfaction in slow living and slow buying. In addition to our eco-friendly shipping boxes, we use cornstarch to make our "plastic" shipping bags. As well, we believe that made-to-order products don't accumulate stock or result in unnecessary waste. The clothes are all made after order except for the retailers, so you like a customer can design your product for your body type and eventually keep it for years, making it even more sustainable. This reduces waste and ensures that customers get the most suitable and sustainable items.

And what kind of clothes amalka makes?

Well, amalka makes elegant, feminine, and completely different linen clothes than you've ever seen before. Rather than making extravagant linen clothes for fashion shows only, we make linen clothes for women of all ages, business women, mothers, daughters, wives, and single women. Most linen clothes found on other sites are simple cut, minimalistic in style, oversize baggy, or wrap style. In contrast, Amalka's linen clothes are elegant, feminine, and appropriate for special occasions, weddings, birthdays, as well as for everyday work outfits and casual days in town. Using toxic or plastic fabrics is not necessary to be more elegant, Amalka believes that you can be elegant and eco-friendly at the same time.

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